The Four Empires
Spanish Medieval Scene
Altdorf Mural
Landscape with Waterfall
Tropical Scene
Treaty with the Comanches, 1847
Paradise Landscape
Scenes of Bamberg, Germany
Nebula Mural
Texas Museum Science & Technology
Tuscan Scene
The Arrival of Queen Semiramis
Spanish Colonial Scene
St. Petersburg, Russia Waterfront
Private Car Museum
Historical Map Canvas
Mexican Cantina Scene
Based on Composite of John Constable
Lake Como Scene
Venetian Canal
Hill Country Cattle Drive Scene
Cantina Scene
Overview of Parts Unknown Store
Spanish Colonial Cattle Roundup
Asian Garden Scene
Asian Garden Scene Two
Longhorns Near Mission Espada
Girl Near Well
Tuscan Landscape
Italian Village Scene
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Fine Art

The Notebook
Anatomy of a Dance 2
Longhorns Near Llano
White Buffalo
Rey Del Brazos
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Anatomy of a Dance 2

20 x 26 inches, Oil on Canvas Original oil on canvas as well as limited edition giclées available